A few words about Advocacy

Children Are Not Property

Our Vision

Children just want a safe, healthy home to grow up in, or, failing that, two.  They should not be be pawns or assets to be fought over.  They should be treated as responsibilities, not used as profit generators.  Our legal system is antiquated, overburdened, and failing our children and their well-being.

We advocate for a non confrontational 50/50 shared parenting standard in cases where both parents are fit; and if judges and courts are necessary, all parties, including the children, should be entitled to legal representation of their own.

We advocate for the following:

  • Automatic 50/50 Post Separation, Unless a Parent is Proven Unfit by the State 
    • Post two weeks official separation, a parent may file for 50/50, failing an agreement by both parents
    • Post six months, a parent may request permanent 50/50 on a weekly schedule, failing agreement by both parents
    • Both parents must agree to a change in school or situation which may make 50/50 a strain for either parent
    • If a parent feels the best interest of the child is being violated, they may challenge this in court but the child must also be represented by a GAL
    • If a parent is proven to be unfit, such as illegal drug use, domestic abuse, or commitment of similar crimes the child can be removed from that home by the state, with appropriate protections for the child(ren)
  • Automatic Mediation Before Trial
    •  In cases of disagreement, a parent may file a petition
    • This petition will be immediately assigned to a mediator
    • A panel with both parents (and all children, if this is a Life Event petition) will meet with the mediator and attempt to resolve peacefully
    • If no resolution is reached within 30 days, the issue will move to court within an additional 30 days (during which the mediator is required to generate a report for the judge).
    • Issue must be resolved within 60 days of filing a petition, or a parent may request a change of judge
  • Automatic Appointment of GAL for Children in Cases of Life Events
    •  Mandatory appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) for every child during initial divorce proceedings, that stays as representation until the child turns 18. 
    • A parent cannot dismiss a GAL without child’s consent after the age of 12.
    • GAL shall be provided by the state, if the parents cannot afford or agree on one
    • Judges must respect the GAL as having equal weight as either parent 
  • Automatic Review of Court Decisions that Rule in Favor of the Minority in 3:1 Petitions
    •  In cases where a judge rules against both the child and one of the parents in favor of the other parent, a review of said decision is instantly triggered 
    • Burden of proof must be on the dissenting parent to prove the child will be at risk of severe consequence if the minority decision is not upheld; otherwise the benefit of the doubt will be granted to the majority opinion immediately
    • Issue must be resolved within 60 days of filing a petition, or a parent may request a change of judge
  • Automatic Ability of Child at 12 to file petition for Change of Custody
    • If Child feels unsafe in their home, they may petition for change of custody
    • Reasoning shall be based on evidence of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse or other extreme case in which a child should no longer remain in one of the legal parent’s homes
    • Exception may be made earlier if triggered by a Life Event or emergency situation
  • Update Child Support Laws to be Based Exclusively Off Federal Tax Returns
    • Eliminate confusing and disruptive court battles over child support 
    • In today’s world, income can be difficult to measure (entrepreneurs, multiple jobs, etc)
    • Tax Filings are consistent, simple, easy to understand, and must be accurate or risk legal consequence