Families are strengthened when children are heard

Safeguard Kids of Divorce

Because protecting our children (and giving them a voice!) means happier, healthier families, and a better future for us all!
About us

We hold these truths to be self-evident... Certain Unalienable Rights...among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Why should this not be true for us all? Some of us may stumble, but we all have the same basic wants and needs no matter our life circumstances.  We just want to carry on with our lives in peace. Unfortunately, our current profit-driven legal system enables lengthy, emotional- and financially draining- embittered court battles over healthy resolution. When it comes to family courts?  It destroys our families and our children.

We, at Sage Lantern, believe something must, and can, be done about this!

Come join us

Let's reshape how we treat children of divorce. We have to step up as a community to safeguard children in precarious situations.


We organize inclusive events to spread awareness, provide training to better support children, and encourage community involvement

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Training programs for GALS, and informational programs to explain the necessity of change.

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Training programs for mediators, and informational programs to explain the necessity of change.

coming soon

Want to learn about Sage Lantern and what we want to accomplish?  Want to be a part of the change?Opportunities coming to a junior high or high school near you! 

Our impact
Changing the way the world sees blended families and divorce.
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Help us raise money for our children's future