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We help our children and families by sponsoring projects and legislation from the first steps of the divorce process to the last.


Our Vision

Children just want a safe, healthy home to grow up in, or, failing that, two.  They should not be be pawns or assets to be fought over.  They should be treated as responsibilities, not used as profit generators.  Our legal system is antiquated, overburdened, and failing our children and their well-being.

We advocate for a non confrontational 50/50 shared parenting standard in cases where both parents are fit; and if judges and courts are necessary, all parties, including the children, should be entitled to legal representation of their own.


A Plea to our Community

Many children of divorce will find their lives being decided by a judge and a court; and in such cases we believe in representation for a child.  We believe that all of these children from 12-17 (or sooner depending on life events) is entitled to a GAL for the duration of the divorce, and post-divorce, proceedings.  That means this person will have an incredible impact on the child’s life. But what is the value of this representation?

Do you want surety that your child’s Guardian Ad Litem (and your mediator) is truly invested in your children’s best interests, even if it means putting your children’s needs above your own?  Do you want a GAL that makes your child feel as comfortable and safe as humanly possible– and knows how to handle children in crisis?  

We want to help guarantee you representation that keeps the needs of children and families at heart!



Our Stories, Their Stories

Learn the true stories of children of divorce; insights into what is happening with divorced families; and gain awareness of both the custodial tragedies and stories of hope that affect children in both divorced and non-divorced families.

What has been, and what could be.  Our hope is that learning about this will make a better world for our children.  Spare a moment, please, to understand our children’s hopes and fears.



Everyone can help us reach our goals.

For adults: help organize events in your communities to spread the word, and be supportive – listen to children, and help them with this.

For minors: Organize letter writing at your schools to convince our congresspeople of the importance of our cause. Use our provided materials to initiate community discussion, and to convince authority figures.

Want to make a difference?

Help us raise money for our children's futures